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Ethos and Approach at Redbridge Primary School

At Redbridge Primary School, we strive to deliver a stimulating and rigorous Geography curriculum that inspires our students’ curiosity and fascination with the world and the UK. Our aim is to foster a deep understanding of both the physical and human aspects of geography. Through our progressive curriculum, students explore contemporary global issues related to climate change, pollution, environmental responsibility, and sustainable living. By addressing these topics, we encourage students to develop a comprehensive awareness of the challenges our world faces today.

Our Geography curriculum is designed with a clear progression in mind, building upon the skills and knowledge gained in previous units and year groups. This approach ensures that students continually expand their understanding and develop their geographical competencies over time. By immersing our students in an engaging and coherent curriculum, we nurture their inquisitiveness, critical thinking abilities, and a profound appreciation for the intricate and interconnected nature of our planet.

Overall, our goal is to empower students with the knowledge and skills necessary to become informed global citizens who are passionate about the environment and equipped to make positive contributions to the world around them.

What We Teach

  • Physical geography: Landforms, climate, ecosystems, natural resources, and geographical processes.
  • Human geography: Population, settlements, urbanization, migration, cultural diversity, and economic activities.
  • Map skills: Reading and interpreting maps, understanding coordinates, and using geographical tools.
  • Environmental issues: Climate change, pollution, deforestation, sustainable development, and conservation.
  • Global perspectives: Exploring different countries, cultures, and societies around the world.
  • Contemporary challenges: Studying topics related to climate change, environmental sustainability, and the impact of humans.

Subject Resources

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