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Partial School Closure – Home Learning

Frequently Asked Questions

Dear Families,

Thank you for your patience these last few days. We missing all the children and the school seems very quiet without them. We know many families have begun to support their children with home learning and have been receiving lots of questions from families. We thought it may be useful to produce an FAQ document to answer some of the most frequent questions we have been asked.

I am finding it difficult to get my child to focus and complete the work that has been set by the school. I am worried that my child will fall behind with their learning? How can I get them to listen to me?

Please don’t worry about your child regressing in their learning. All children are in the same boat and they will all be ok. When schools are back fully operational, class teachers will meet children where they are and work to backfill gaps. Teachers are experts at this! Don’t pick fights with your children because they don’t want to do Maths or Spellings or won’t follow the schedule you have set. Small bursts of learning will be more successful and less stressful for all involved. Teachers will continue to set ideas for learning that can be done at home but there is no expectation that this is completed and children who do not complete the work will not be penalised or will not be at disadvantage to their peers.

I do not have a printer at home, can the school print me the work off?

Unfortunately it is not possible for the school to produce paper packs of work to complete as this would be unsustainable. Please open the document up on the screen and your child can work on a piece of paper.

Will the teacher mark my children’s work?

Unfortunately it is not feasible for teachers to mark the work that the children complete. We encourage adults or older siblings to talk through the work with children and mark together where possible. However, if children are particularly proud of some work they have completed, teachers would love to hear how your children are getting on via the Digital Brain chat option. Partial School Closure- Home Learning FAQ March 2020

My child has completed all the work that has been set. Can the school provide me with more work?

Year groups have planned enough work to cover 2 weeks blocks of learning in English and Maths. Additional tasks have been designed to be creative and open ended and accessible to all. There are also extension tasks available. In the unlikely event that your child completes all work set, please feel free to set your own tasks.

I have heard that schools will be open over the Easter Holidays. Will the school be setting work for all children during this time?

Redbridge Local Authority has yet to confirm whether schools will need to remain open over Easter for children of Key Worker families. However, if they are to remain open this is for key worker children only and therefore the rest of the children should see these two weeks as a break from school. Therefore, no home learning will be set during this time. A new 2 block of learning will be posted on DB by each year group by Monday 20th April.

My child is not fluent in English and is unable to access the resources. What work can they complete at home?

A document to support families is being prepared and will shortly be uploaded onto the school website under the ‘Home Learning’ section.

My child has a Special Educational Need and is unable to access the resources. What work can they complete at home?

Class teachers have been asked to provide separate work for children with identified needs. However, also please feel free to adapt the activities to suit your child. Please send any specific questions to the school admin email account and your child’s class teacher will be in touch as soon as possible.

Why won’t the file open up on my tablet?

Files are best opened on a PC or a laptop rather than a tablet as you will need to have software that is able to open PDF, PowerPoint and Word files.

Why can’t I log into DB?

All children were given a copy of their login details last week. If your child has forgotten their login details, please email the school. Please be aware that the school is operating a skeleton staff in the school building at the moment so any DB queries will be resolved through email.

Why is my child’s DB login disabled?

Db is closely monitored by school staff. Any inappropriate language is immediately flagged up and the child’s account is instantly disabled. A member of staff will then be sent a screen shot and will contact families. Please remind your child that they can click the whistleblowing button if they are worried about any messages they have been received. This will then be addressed by the teacher.

Why hasn’t the class teacher responded to me on DB?

DB is our school Managed Learning Environment. It is designed for the children to work from and communicate with each other. As a parent you should be monitoring what your child is doing on DB, however parents must not access their child’s homepage in order to contact the class teacher. This is a safeguarding concern as DB is a safe place for children and is not designed for adults to use. All of your child’s classmates are accessible on your child’s homepage hence why it is important for parents not to email. Our class teachers have been instructed to not respond to any comments or emails via DB by parents. Children are able to contact their teacher to share something they are proud of or to stay in touch. If you do want to contact the class teacher, this must be done via the school admin address.

How can my child keep in touch with their classmates?

DB is a wonderful way of children communicating with each other. They can email each other and comment on each other’s blogs. Please remind your child that all sent and received emails are monitored by the class teacher and SLT.

When is the school reopening? I have heard that it won’t be until September.

At present schools have been closed indefinitely. There is no official guidance on a timescale for closure. It would not be wise to speculate at this time. As soon as we hear otherwise we will inform families at the earliest opportunity. Year groups will continue to plan blocks of learning for children until such a time that the school reopens with the exception of the school holidays.