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Dear families,

I am writing in response to the concerns some of our working parents and key worker parents concerning the proposed re-introduction of the early closure on Fridays from September. Having considered all views on this we have decided to delay this until after the October half term. This will give those parents who had originally identified and who had been granted the provision from 2.35 to 3.35pm on Fridays before the enforced school closure, time to adjust to this again. Hopefully, by then the school may also be in a better position to provide provision in the way we had been doing before the pandemic. As we have written previously, the safety guidelines we now have to follow regarding year group bubbles and social distancing have made this impossible to provide the Friday provision for September. However, this will be re-introduced from the start of the second half term without exception as it is now more essential than ever that the Support staff teams are provided with the specific training that will be needed to enable them to support the teachers in employing effective targeted intervention strategies. This is to ensure that we close the gaps in learning for the children which may have developed during such a long lay-off from schooling. As has been explained previously during the consultation for this, the rationale for the change was so that the support staff teams could receive such high-quality training in the first Place.

I would also remind all parents that the consultation on this change to the school day was full and comprehensive and parents were given many opportunities to express their views and also the required notice of this change. The governors of the school agreed to this and it is something that will be reinstated after the October half term. Only those parents with work commitments, who had previously identified that they needed provision before the enforced school closure will be entitled to access the provision and all other parents should make the necessary arrangements to collect their children at 2.35pm on Fridays from this point.

I would like to wish all of you and your families a happy and safe summer holiday and I am very much looking forward to welcoming you all back safe and sound in September.

Below I have provided the revised staggered timings for the start and end of the school day for your information and reference.

Very best wishes,

Steve Davies

Head Teacher