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Meet the Parent Governors

Rakesh Kirpalani

R Kirpalani(1)

Parent Governor

I am extremely proud to have been elected as a parent governor for Redbridge Primary School in March 2017. We moved into the area in 2012, to get into the catchment for Redbridge Primary School; and both of my children attend the school.  

I want to ensure all children’s school life is inspirational by providing them with the best educational opportunities to enable them to be happy, confident and successful as every child matters.

 By trade, I am a Qualified Chartered Accountant and Board member of multiple companies; with several years’ experience as a Finance Director; in the recruitment sector; which is all about people. This has allowed me to harness my technical and commercial skills, but more so, to be able to communicate effectively with stakeholders in various circumstances, some of which can be challenging. I am very proactive and aim to be a constructive voice on the governing body to improve communication with all parents, and am very approachable.  

Jamshed Malik

J Malik(1)

Parent Governor

"I was elected as a parent governor in January 2015. I wanted to be a governor as it would give me an opportunity to give back and make a positive contribution. Most of my schooling and education has been in the local area.  I am a father of four young children, 3 of whom are currently at Redbridge Primary School and the youngest being pre-school.  As well as having various post graduate qualifications, I am a chartered accountant and chartered tax advisor. I believe I can make a difference using the skill set and experience I have gained in my professional career. I am a member of the resources/finance committee. I hope my role will be a supporting one as well as being a critical friend"

Khawaja Mushtaq

Parent Governor

Shah-Jalal Sarker

S Sarker(1)

Parent Governor

I am very privileged and grateful to all parents for electing me as a Parent Governor from March 2017. I will respect this trust and will endeavour to contribute to the educational development of this outstanding school. My passion is to ensure the best possible opportunities of unlocking the hidden potential of all children. I want every child to grow up happy, confident and become successful valued citizen of this country.

I am Associate Professor of Medical Statistics at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) since 2009. For children’s better achievement, parents need to work with teachers as partners. I hope to contribute through the Curriculum and Standards sub-committee or any other relevant role to apply my wealth of educational experiences to the school.  I am a very approachable individual and would highly encourage any comments, suggestions or concerns from parents to myself.

Tara Takher


Parent Governor

I am proud to join the governing team at Redbridge Primary School.  I am passionate about providing children with the best schooling experience for the start of their learning journey.

Having completed my post graduate diploma, I currently work as a pharmacist at NHS Southwark Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), liaising closely with GPs to achieve the best outcomes for patients by providing practical and objective advice.   I believe the skills I have gained in my profession will be invaluable to my role here on the governing team to further raise standards at the school for our children. I am a friendly and approachable individual and I will endeavour to do this role justice.

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