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School Dinners

Click here for the school Dinner Menu (online version)

Click below to download a copy of the menu ( Apr 2017 - October 2017).

School Food Standards "Eat Better, Do Better"

Click below for further information on school dinners.

School Meals Update - January 2015

Free School Meals and the Pupil Premium

A new web-site has been launched where parents can check whether their child is eligible for ‘Free School Meals/Pupil Premium’ funding.

‘Free School Meals / Pupil Premium Service’ - www.fsm.lgfl.net is a web-site where parents can quickly and easily check eligibility for free school meals and, if eligible, also gain welcome additional funding for their child’s school, known as ‘Pupil Premium’. If eligible, you are not obliged to accept the free school meals for your child if you wish to make other arrangements, but we do want to encourage applications as the additional funding gained would still benefit education provision at the school.

This does not affect the new universal free school meals which is available to all children in Reception, Years 1 and 2; however, if your child is in those years and you think you might be entitled to free school meals under the old system, please could you apply?

Please speak to the school office if you are not sure.