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Home School Agreement

What is a Home School Agreement?

A home school agreement is signed by parents when their child is admitted to Redbridge Primary School.

Below we set out for you what you can expect for your child at Redbridge Primary School.  It also sets out what we expect from your child.  We want to work in partnership with our community and provide the very best for your child.

Please talk to your child about our expectations of them at school.  We would like your child to sign their name and for you to sign this agreement also.

Remember if you are worried about any aspects of your child’s education please see your child’s teacher in the first instance.

At school we will:

At home I/we will:

  • Ensure my child attends school regularly and inform the school of any absence
  • Ensure my child is punctual
  • Ensure my child wears school uniform and is properly equipped e.g. PE kit in school on the correct days
  • Attend consultations and meetings with the class teacher
  • Support the school to maintain good standards of behaviour and work
  • Ensure my child completes homework as appropriate to their age
  • Support opportunities for learning between home and school

I (pupil) will try to:

  • Do my best
    • Complete my homework
    • Keep the school rules
    • Care for others in what I say and do
    • Show respect towards other children and to adults in my school
    • Care for my own things and those that belong to others
    • Look after my School and my Classroom and keep it tidy
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