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Parent Consultations - 22nd March 2018

16th March 2018


Dear Parents and Carers


Pupil Progress – discussions at home

As part of our on-going monitoring of standards we often hold discussions with the children to talk about their views on their learning and progress. This year we will continue to send home the children’s writing and mathematics books to share with you.

We know how important it is for school staff to work in partnership with parents and families and feel this would be a very good way for parents to see how much progress their children are making.  We ask that you do not write in the books yourselves, or with the children, as these books are a record of the children’s work at school.

Writing and Mathematics books will be sent home with your child today, Friday 16th March.  Please ensure your child’s books are returned with them on Monday 19th March at the start of the day.

There is a short guide overleaf which outlines what we mean by ‘progress’ and some of the things you can talk to your child about when you are sharing their books with them. ‘Progress’ in books will become more evident throughout the year; the children are currently in their first half term. There is also a reply sheet which we would like you to complete and return. Both documents are also available to download from the ‘Parent Zone’ area of our school website.

We have timed these pupil discussions to coincide with parent consultation evening (Thursday 22nd March) so that you have seen your child’s progress in books prior to meeting with the class teacher.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the leadership team.


Yours sincerely

M Henry

Michael Henry

Acting Headteacher


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