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Parent Survey Summer 2018

Please see below an overview of our July 2018 parent survey. Thank you to the 210 parents who returned the paper to us this week. We are a learning community and we take your feedback on board. We have included a range of comments from the 210 replies, which represent trends in feedback. Thank you for such constructive feedback - we will use this when identifying priorities in the new academic year.

2018 "Three Stars"


2018 'Wishes'

Continue the high standard / outstanding level it is at and just continue to excel, making me proud to say my children attend Redbridge Primary

A coding club would be really beneficial for children to focus on analysis and logic because it could be a very basic level

My wish is that school keep maintaining their efforts in the same way

Maintain their amazing teacher standards. In particular recognise and encourage students that are ahead of the class and have separate small groups. This would be my one wish.

Have permanent school head for fantastic future for kids. They need one permanent head for guidance and support

If the school can inform parents re events earlier than its proposed date, e.g. at least 3 weeks earlier

More frequent updates on the child’s progress or concerns via different communication channels other than parent evenings.

Children on scooters and bikes to be monitored before and after school

Too much pressure placed during KS1 sats, children doing continuous practice papers / revision – not helpful – should be easing children into it and continuing with topic based learning. Need to think about child’s stress levels.

Need to improve communication – school – parents. Need to give advance notice prior to any events – not last minute

There were more TA helpers in class to help those who are a bit ‘slow’ in their learning

Would be nice to have one weekend a month where children get no homework but are encouraged to engage in outdoor activities with their family. The children can then discuss / talk about what they did.

More staff to be visible before and after school in the playground

Sports day  to be fun for young reception/y1 children to be fun and achieve medals for all children. As my children found it daunting as their groups coming last.

Classes to be mixed after a couple of years. A very good chance for children to prep for senior school.

An air conditioned hall with a stage where all children can be seen when performing.

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