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PTA ~ 2017/2018

Join the Redbridge Primary PTA 

Dear parents and guardians, 

We, the Redbridge PTA would like to introduce ourselves. We are a small team of school mums and dad who came together last year to reinvent the PTA. We support the school with events they have but also organise events with the help of parents for the enjoyment of our school community. Last year we successfully organised events such as the Autumn Fayre, Christmas Fete, movie nights, Easter Egg Hunt, Summer fayre and Inflatable Day, which have all raised considerable amounts of money for the school and most importantly for the children's enjoyment. 

Our events can only be successful with the support and help we get from parents and it's therefore we are asking whether any parents would like to join our team. 

There are 2 different PTA roles. 

PTA member - attend meetings  whenever it is possible to do so, (sometimes this is in the school day or after school or in the evenings). It all depends on people's availability. Meetings are roughly every 2 months but nearer events might be more often. 

If it's in the day and you have small children you can bring them with you, they normally play in the background and if you would like to leave early or if you can't make it that's ok too. 

We also discuss issues via a whattsapp group. 

PTA Volunteer - where you try and make yourself available for events and help set up and wrap up. Also you may help run a PTA stall etc.

This Autumn term, we have the following events planned: coffee morning, a fancy dress disco, movie nights (excluding reception and nursery children) and Christmas Fete.

If you would like to join or have any questions please contact us via email or our Facebook page. 

email address: redbridgepta@hotmail.com


Our Facebook page is (Redbridge Primary PTA), so please if your on Facebook, feel free to look us up and join.


Chair – Randeep Sembi

Vice Chair - Preeti Kirpalani

Secretary – Tahira Riaz

Treasurer – Sherry Sahotay

Members: Elena Jenkinson, Nosheen Rana, Sajida Raja, Roshni Patel, Jigna Patel



Nursery – Tahira

Reception – Roshni, Elena, Jigna, Tracey and Preeti

Year 1 – Launthea, Reena, Roshni and Tahira

Year 2 – Tracey and Sadaf

Year 3 – Shana and Randeep

Year 4 – Sajida, Nosheen, Preeti and Tracey

Year 5 – Launthea

Year 6 - 

Calling all Parents and Carers

Make a stand against academisation

As you are aware there was a public meeting at Redbridge Primary School yesterday 16th May 2016 at 7.30pm. We had a number of parents who attended but there were not enough of us to be able to pass on the vital information to our school community. If academisation happens, this will have a dramatic impact on our children’s education and will be the biggest change in education for a generation. The guest speakers shared the facts and statistics of how academisation would impact on our children and their valued education.

We are aware that as parents and carers we are being pushed out of the academised schools and are not being told the whole truth about what an academy will look like and provide for our children. The meeting on Monday outlined the bare facts of the impact of what academisation will have on our children and future children in our own neighbourhood and nationally. The following points were raised:

  • Approximately 97% of schools in Redbridge are good or outstanding.
  • There is no evidence to support the fact that academies out-perform state schools.
  • Academies can be very selective in their admissions process which could exclude the most vulnerable of our children and those with special educational needs.
  • Schools would be run by a business leader as opposed to a Headteacher.
  • Our communities, traditions and cultures could be undervalued in the curriculum. In Redbridge we feel very strongly about developing children’s sense of identity and celebrating diversity. This is not guaranteed under the academy system.
  • We need to make a stand against forced academisation in Redbridge and feed into the bigger national picture.
  • Galvanise all stakeholders into action: teachers, head teachers, teaching assistants, and other school staff, parents, the local authority, councillors and MPs.
  • The need to inform all interested parties of the real issues behind academisation.
  • Influence Teacher and Head Teacher action and confidence.
  • Defeat the academy agenda through taking action e.g. signing petitions that we have in school signing on line petitions, informing our wider community, showing support through attending meetings, writing to our local MPs, getting our children to write to MPs and so forth. With over 700 children at our school we should aim to get over 1,000 signatures.

The PTA have been getting parents to sign the petition to prevent and save the high quality teaching that our children so deserve in our schools. Please continue.