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Kingswood 2016



After lots of excited chatter on the coach and a very friendly bus driver pointing out various landmarks and animals, we soon arrived at Kingswood in the glorious sunshine. Everyone worked together to get organised in the rooms and we were soon onto team games with our team leader, Lucy. Dinner was delicious with so much choice on the menu and there were even requests for seconds! Evening activities have included caving, archery, bouldering and nightline. We have enjoyed a film this evening and it will soon be time to get ready for bed to sleep well and be rested for day 2.

Overheard at Kingswood...
"Can we go to the beach everyday?"


Today started really well with a trip to the beach where we had a great time building sandcastles, playing football and exploring the rock pools. After a delicious lunch, we demonstrated great perseverance skills as we went to our other activities including laser, fencing, abseiling and swimming. In the evening, we worked together to create a rocket that could keep a water balloon from bursting on landing.

Overheard on Day 3...

"I felt like I was flying on the zip wire. I'm so proud that I did it!"


Today, in archery, the instructor told us to draw a picture of Mr Miah which she then attached to the target board. You can image what fun we had trying to shoot at the drawing!
Eat your heart out Bear Grylls...our Y5s showed great skills with lighting and maintaining fires in their Bushcraft Skills activity. Some of us took on the challenge of trying to score baskets while bouncing on a trampoline in Aeroball. Miss Cornwall and Ms Steel beat us 2-1 but we got our own back later by splashing them in the pool during swimming.

Overheard today...

"I'm so proud of myself for doing the zip wire. Now I know I will have the confidence to do abseling next time."


Our final full day at Kingswood was the funniest one yet. The emphasis has been on teamwork all week and today was no different. With shelter building, problem solving and team challenge on the schedule, everyone had to work together to achieve success. After a few disagreements early on, everyone reflected on their performance and how they could improve their cooperation skills. By the end of the day, it was lovely to see so many children being very supportive of one another. A great example of this was during the Nightline activity where we had to complete an obstacle course blindfolded! As night fell, we all embarked on a stroll along the coastal path, up a hill, where we saw a most magnificent sight… a full moon in the night sky. It was the perfect end to our last night here.

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