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Football Team News

The school footballers had their first match of the season against Roding Primary School last week It was a great end to end match that attracted many spectators. Although the score didn't go our way, the boys and girls in the team won many admirers  through their great team work, skill, and passion for the game. Mr Miah and Miss Cooper could not have been more proud of the team. Thank you to both for their dedication!

“We have enjoyed this season playing netball matches at Redbridge Leisure Centre. We are proud that we came runners up (2nd place) in the league that finished just before the Easter holidays. All the players received a medal and a trophy for the school.

We are extremely proud of our netball team and coaches. They won 3 matches, drew 1 and lost 2 against very experienced teams. Their trophy is now displayed in our school

Cookery Club

Our after-school cookery club saw seven new members join this week. They had a wonderful time preparing food for a fresh salad baguette. Learning the rocking motion for chopping tomatoes was challenging but they all succeeded. Delicious! Thank you to Mrs Shafi and Mrs Cooper for their help.



The Big Pedal

We have had a hugely successful Big Pedal Fortnight with over 100 bicycle journeys during the first week alone, including children, parents and staff. The number of pupils cycling to school has increased each day. Please keep it up and hopefully even more pupils will ride to school during the Summer Term!


Shakespeare Week

This month, Redbridge Primary School have been studying and celebrating the works of William Shakespeare as it will be 400 years since he died on 23rd April 2016. He has made a significant contribution to English literature through his plays and poems. There were special assemblies with dramatic entrances, drama workshops and some amazing art sessions.

English lessons were focused on Shakespeare texts where we read his stories and carried out character studies, conscience allies, debates , learning sonnets by heart and much more! This gave pupils an insight into his life and society during his time. To finish the week we dressed up as our favourite characters.

 Thank you to Miss Shakoor for organising this fantastic week!


RPS Staff Development

Teaching and support staff spent an educational morning at the British Library during Week 1 of Summer term, where we took part in Writing and Geography-based workshops. We look forward to sharing our learning with the children and to future visits from our children to the British Library, which is free to join! Our teachers also spent an informative evening at another local primary school, where we moderated children’s maths books and shared ideas and plans for the planning, teaching and assessment of mathematics in the Summer Term.


Year 3 St Albans Visit

by Bushra and Maria (Jackdaws)

We visited the Verulanium Museum in St. Albans before the holidays. Did you know that Boudicca was the leader of the Iceni tribe? She defeated the Romans. The Romans used a scraper to scrape olive oil around their bodies. They used dye to make their clothes brighter. We learned a lot on our trip.




Happy Vaisakhi

We hope our school community had a wonderful Vaisakhi celebration this week. We were lucky to have two special guests from our local Gurdwara who held assemblies for KS1 and KS2. We learned of the importance of serving our community and look forward our Year 6 visit to the Gurdwara later this term.


School Building Update

Our new classrooms are progressing very well and the builders have been very busy over the holidays, completing ground floor brickwork, installing windows and doors and windcatchers on the roof. They have also been carrying out works to our existing building, including fire alarm and intruder alarm updates, as well as drain repairs.


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