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Headteacher for the Day Competition

by Thirisan, Y4

Dear Pupils of Redbridge Primary School and Parents,    

In this letter, I am writing about my remarkable experience as a Headteacher for the Day.

Firstly, during the Christmas fair in December, our school was holding a raffle stand. I decided to buy a ticket and hoped to win the PTA raffle. A few days later in class I was announced as the winner of the raffle. I was shocked and speechless as I did not expect to win the raffle. I dreamed of being a headteacher for a day and now It was going to happen. I could not wait till the great day came as I was excited.

Before long, it was the 31st of March - the day I became the head teacher (for a day). I did a lot of tasks that day. Firstly, I came to school at 8:45 and attended the Friday morning meeting with all of the staff. Mr Henry introduced all the staff to me. It was delightful meeting everyone and all the staff were friendly and lovely to talk with. As it was a Friday which meant there was going to be an achievement assembly. That’s my favourite assembly of the week! I was helping Mr Henry with the attendance certificate during assembly. During break, I chose four supporters to be on my senior leadership team (Sadiyah, Angel, Roshini and Rayan) and had snacks with them. We met with Mr Brooker and Mrs Sandhu. Before lunch I had a meeting with the Y6 Pupil Advocates.  At lunch time, I sat at the head table with Ms Raj, Mr Henry and four of my team. After lunch, I walked around with Mr Henry checking on classes and if everything was running alright. After checking up on everyone I had a meeting with Mr Vis about class attendance whilst having a cup of tea and a cupcake. It was home time and I was saying bye to all the pupils at the school gate.

I would like to thank my mum for buying the raffle ticket in the first place and Ms Raj for organising the snacks. Mr Henry and Mr Vis for allowing me to shadow them. Mrs Southall, PTA team and my four supporters for helping me. Last not least I would like to specially thank each and every one at Redbridge Primary School. I will never forget this memorable and valuable day and hope to be a head teacher in the future.

Yours Sincerely,

Owls Class
Year 4


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