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June 2016 News


Coin Collection for Charity

Thank you for all your kind donations to support “Free The Children”  charity and their  Education initiative – to raise funds to help build schools and improve access to education in developing communities around the world. In total our school raised £320.11!  Thank you!

Congratulations KS2, for raising the most amount, and creating the longest line of coins. You will receive your class reward before the end of term. Well done to you!

Mrs Marriott

France Residential Trip

We are pleased to say that the children have returned safely to the UK and had a wonderful time. It was a very busy week and we have included some highlights in our blog page..click here to read. Thank you to all the staff who looked after them so well: Miss Porter, Mr Cordes, Miss Walker, Mrs Azigbo, Mrs Simmonds and Mr Henry. Current Year 5 children are already looking forward to their France residential in 2017.



Year 3 and 4 sleepover

We had a very exciting day in the KS1 Hall this week! The Rainforest Roadshow came to school and children in Reception and Year 5 made some new friends.

Well done to all of the children for overcoming their nerves and showing great courage and resilience!

Gypsy Roma Traveller Week

This month our children celebrated Gypsy Roma Traveller Heritage Week. The aims of the event were to explain the history and culture of the communities, and to celebrate the richness that these communities bring to our everyday lives.

 The children enjoyed learning about another culture by making booklets, leaflets, diaries and non-chronological reports.

Samana in Merlins enjoyed making the leaflets, and Sahabi in Eagles enjoyed the opinion card activity because it ‘made him think’.

Rainforest Workshop

We had a very exciting day in the KS1 Hall this week! The Rainforest Roadshow came to school and children in Reception and Year 5 made some new friends.

Well done to all of the children for overcoming their nerves and showing great courage and resilience!

Magpies Class Assembly

“Yesterday we had so much fun in our assembly. We also had fun preparing for the assembly because everyone took part and had their own part to play. We planned it as a team and showed off our best. It was mainly about diversity and Rights Respect.” Thank you to Mrs Azigbo for preparing the assembly




Y6 Visit Karamsar Gurdwara

Year 6 had a wonderful trip to the Karamsar Gurdwara in Ilford. It was a very informative and exciting day, which included a tour of the building, talks and lunch. We are lucky to live in such a diverse city with lots of opportunities to celebrate each other’s faiths and beliefs.

M.P. Wes Streeting Visits RPS

Our local MP, Wes Streeting spent a morning at RPS this month. It was a wonderful morning. Our school council and some advocates gave Wes a tour of the school and we had a Q&A session afterwards with some very sensible and penetrating questions about the EU referendum, housing and road safety. Well done to everyone involved !



Sharing Good Practice

Over the past month, staff at RPS have worked with teachers from other local schools, including Gearies, St Anthony’s, St Aidan’s and Gilbert Colvin Primary Schools to moderate children’s work in KS1, KS2 and EYFS. We focused on narrative writing and maths and had some very interesting and informative discussions. As always, our staff were very open to sharing ideas and taking on board any suggestions to improve our practice.


Visitor Feedback

Last week we had a visit from Dr Christina Preston, Professor of Education Innovation at De Montfort University, Leicester, who is on the Naace Board of Management, for an Educational Technology Trainer at the City School’s chain of Pakistan along with a teaching colleague from Pakistan. They were very impressed with the school:

“Thank you very much for organising such an informative visit... yesterday at Redbridge Primary School...We were very impressed by what you are offering and also by the enthusiasm and knowledge of your digital leaders. I have sent an animated thank you card for those pupils who were so proud of their achievements and confident in sharing. Please thank your colleagues too for being so welcoming.”

School Dining Hall

We had an external moderation visit from ISS who run our catering at Redbridge Primary School this week. We received an excellent report, achieving 100% in all ten areas on their checklist, including Food production, Health and Safety, Cleaning, Personal Hygiene and Food Storage. Well done to Mrs Sajjan and her team for their excellent work!





Shakespeare’s Globe

Our Shakespeare homework competition winners were lucky to be treated to a day out at the Globe Theatre by Mrs Buxton last week. It was a busy day with a tour of the building and walk along the Southbank. Well done to everyone for producing such fantastic projects.

Hoarding Competition

A huge thank you to all the children, staff, parents and carers who have created the most amazing hoardings display based on books. Parents and carers have volunteered their time and donated unwanted paints to come in and help complete the mammoth task on a daily basis. We are sure that you would agree that the boards look magnificent close up and from a distance as you walk or drive to the school.

A special thank you to the Newbury Park B&Q staff especially Henry who helped to collate the paints and gave the school a discounted price for the paints for such a good cause. The project has been a huge success due to the sense of strong community support and enjoyment of working together.  




Police Visit

Both KS1 and KS2 had special assemblies from local police PC Matt, PC Ian and PCSO Fimbar. They were practical, informative and the children gained a lot from the experience!


Y3 British Library Visit

We know and understand more about the maps following our British Library visit this week. We explored different maps, not simply as geographic documents, and also learnt to follow a spoken map.

Through practical activities we were able to uncover what maps represent and the layers of meaning behind the creation of maps.

The workshop began with fun drawing activities to explore different approaches to mapping. Moving to a more focused use of the gallery display and space and discussed the types of decisions a cartographer makes and how these influence the construction of a map.




Fire Drill

Tuesday’s fire drill went very well, with children exiting both KS1 and KS2 building and congregating in the assembly point promptly and safely.



We would like to extend a warm welcome to Miss Khanam who has joined our office staff this term. Miss Khanam will be working on our front desk and dealing with all parent enquiries. We are luck to have her and wish her all the best in her new role.


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