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June 2017

Healthy Food Comp

Healthy Eating Competition

A big well done to Bushra from Swans, and Janice, from Finches for winning the PSHE Healthy Eating Competition. They made fantastic and creative recipes that looked both healthy and delicious!

Thank you to everyone who entered – there were so many wonderful entries and it was difficult to choose the winner!

Rainforest Roadshow

By Joel and Mariam, Kites Class

On Wednesday, we went to the KS1 Hall to see different types of animals normally found in the rainforest. We learned a lot of new facts about these animals.Did you know that bees have two stomachs? One for food and the other for honey! Anacondas eat only once or twice per year. The best part of the workshop was putting the snakes around our necks and touching the turtles.

building update

Building News

Some of you may have noticed a change in the KS2 playground this week. This is part of our continuing programme of school building improvements. The cladding on the KS2 building wall was very old and beginning to crumble. As a result, we removed it and took the wall back to brick. We now plan to consider the next steps in terms of cleaning the bricks. Internally, the KS1 corridor is slowly getting a facelift to bring it into line with our bright new building corridor. Mr Brooker has been working very hard during the holidays

Happy Father's Day

Some of our Year 2 children have been very creative this week and made Father’s Day cards with Mrs Patel. The children produced some lovely work and we wish all of our fathers and grandfathers a very happy father’s day.

Swallows Class Fatherer's DAy

Food focus!

We are focusing on DT, Science and PSHE this week when we think about healthy food. More to follow!

Woodpeckers Class Assembly

By Zainab Shaida

In our class assembly we had four legends: Romulus and Remus, Theseus and the Minotaur, Saint George and the Dragon and Mawi catches the sun. We sang a song called “We Know the Way” from Moana. It was a  wonderful assembly and we felt happy when we each got a role in a legend. It was nice to see so many people watching our assembly.

woodpeckers assembly - checked
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