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PTA Easter Egg Hunt

Thank you to all of our families who supported our Easter Egg hunt last week, which was organised by our PTA.  The PTA wish you all a restful holiday and look forward to more exciting activities in the Summer Term.



Parade Day 2016

On March 22nd,  Redbridge Primary School celebrated our annual Parade Day. The bright sunny afternoon was filled with  happy songs,  creative dances, fun chants and exciting poetry, which was presented to Parents along the route.  The event was  enjoyed by all and Rachael and Maanassa did a wonderful job of hosting.  Thank you to the children and staff for making our Parade Day a wonderful success and to Mrs Marriott for organising the event.


School Book Fair

Thank you to our families for supporting our school book fair last week.  We raised a grand total of £606.22 and as a result, the school have received £303 worth of reading books for our classes. Thank you to Mrs Singh for organising the fair and to all the adults who helped out after school each day.


Year 1 Visit the Museum of Childhood

Year One children had a trip to the Museum of Childhood where they learned about toys from the past and toys today. They had an opportunity to play with a range of toys and take part in an educational workshop.


Teach a Friend a Language Competition

March is Multilingual Month and we have been celebrating the home languages spoken by those in our school community. Our ‘Teach a Friend a Language’ competition winners are:

1st Prize: Aida, Laiba and Gursimar (Kestrels)
2nd Prize: Amelia, Esha, Shaniya (Ospreys)
Haniya, Saara (Herons)
3rd Prize:
Tamil: Thirisan, Rayhaan (Woodpeckers)
Punjabi: Kiran, Redhima (Woodpeckers)
Tamil: Krishnavi, Nabiha (Swans)



Royal Albert Hall Choral Performance

On March 15th, the choir went to the Albert Hall for the Redbridge choral Festival. We did singing, a pompom dance and played a recorder piece. My favourite song was Mamma Mia because it was lively and upbeat, but the pompom dance was the best. I really enjoyed night!”
Thank you to Miss Knowles and Mr Khan for preparing the choir so well for this very long day.

by Tanisha, Y6


Mr Ram wins National D&T Leadership Award

The outstanding work and commitment of Mr Ram in raising the profile of D&T  at RPS was recognised at the 16th Design and Technology Association Excellence Awards last Friday at The Institution of Engineering and Technology. Mr Ram was presented with the Subject Leadership Award by Prof. Mark Miodownik, Professor of Materials and Science at UCL and a regular presenter on BBC TV’s “Everyday Miracles”.   “I am delighted to have been awarded the Subject Leadership Award...D&T has been and continues to be my life. The materials and technology we use in D&T continually evolve but what remains constant is the enthusiasm of the students and their creativity.”  Well done Mr Ram – we are proud of you!

WE Day

WE Day at Wembley Arena was an unbelievable experience. There were so many inspiring speeches and performances. It was the opportunity of a lifetime. The person that really inspired me was a man named Spencer. He was an inspiration to us as he has no legs and is very successful in life.”

(by Halima and Alesha, Y5)


Parent Chapatti Workshop

We had a fantastic morning making chapatties. We learnt how to make the chapatti dough, knead it, roll it, flip it and cook it. The best part was eating the chapatties together with the parents. Thank you Mrs Kaur and Mrs Inayat  for your expertise in chapatti making!


Year 3 Roman Day

This month, Year 3 children came to school dressed as Romans.  We  looked stunning with our tunics, togas and soldiers costumes.  Many of us also carried shields and swords that had been made for homework.  After a fashion parade we participated in activities, including army manoeuvres, painting of chariots and making mosaic patterns.  We had a wonderful day.



International Women’s Day

We celebrated International Women’s Day this week with class discussions and special assemblies. Zainish from Swans class explained why she dressed up as Malala Yousafzai for World Book Day and Mrs Buxton celebrated with a special  International Women’s Day reception with the Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street! How exciting!


Night Zookeeper Visits Year 2

“The whole of Year 2 were really lucky to have Night Zookeeper Paul visit us last Friday. He showed us all the magical world of Night and even told us some of the story from the Night Zookeeper book. We all made usernames and passwords to log-on and then we drew animals and typed stories. We had a wonderful day and it was so much fun.”

Kaysan, Y2

“When the Night Zookeeper came to visit, it was such an inspirational day because we got to explore how to save the animals on the Night Zoo and defeat the monsters. Our year group had written over 1000 words and that means that we are on the leader board for the World Creative Writing Month.”

Mehreen, Y2


Tagtiv8 Workshop

Year 6 took part in an exciting Tagtiv8 session this month. It was a Maths revision session which linked Tag Rugby with Maths problem solving. The children were organised into 6 teams. Each team wore a Tag Rugby belt with two tags each with a two digit number. During the game of Tag Rugby, the objective was to gather as many of the opponents tags. At the end of the game, each team had a selection of different numbered tags. Around the hall were a range of maths problems. The children were very enthusiastic and demonstrated excellent team work and reasoning skills.

World Book Day (3rd March)

March 3rd was a day of huge celebration here - a day of celebrating BOOKS! It was heart warming to see children dressed as characters, connecting  with the world of books and enjoying themselves. Well done to Mr Cordes and Miss Tanya for winning the staff costume competition! Children also had opportunities to talk about their favourite books, characters and share best moments of reading. The day was  full of engaging book activities, special assemblies  with prize giving, certificates and every child received a book token to help them buy a book of their choice.

School Building Update

Work on our eight new classrooms continues to progress.  We have a time lapse camera that has been taking photos every hour. You can watch the video here to see how the building has been progressing since October 2015. We will update the video regularly on the website.


Ark Farm Visits RPS

Reception  and Nursery children were very lucky to receive a visit from Ark Farm on Tuesday. They were treated with appearances from Punch and Judy the geese, Ant the donkey, Matilda the lamb and Amy the pony and various other animals. 

Our children behaved exceptionally well and showed great love and care when they were invited to go inside the pen and pet the animals!   Unfortunately the weather was not kind to us, but we managed very well and the children really enjoyed the experience.


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