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November 2017

Police Visit

All the year groups were fortunate enough to have PC Sher from the Metropolitan police visit their classrooms. In KS1 she spoke with the children about how to stay safe and stranger danger. They also had fun trying on the uniform and giving their fingerprints! In KS2 PC Sher spoke to the children about internet safety and making the right choices. The children thoroughly enjoyed the visit and learned a lot!



Educational Visits - Parent help

We are so grateful to our parent community for their help with educational visits, both in  contributing
towards them and in volunteering their time to
accompany the children. Unfortunately the number of requests to volunteer on educational visits often
exceeds the number of spaces and tickets available. We always confirm with those parents who attend in
advance of the visit.


During our educational visits, please be mindful of our on-going ‘no phone’ policy
inside school and on visits. Parents cannot take
photographs of children for their own personal use or sharing on social media. We would appreciate if parents did not put our staff in the difficult position of having to point this out in front of the children.


Tennis Workshop at Lee Valley

Ten of our children were selected to attend a tennis workshop at the Lee Valley Tennis Centre in the Olympic Park. The children took part in a variety of skill based activities which led them to playing mini tennis games. The children enjoyed some expert coaching in a fantastic venue. We also had the opportunity to visit some of the famous landmarks  in the Olympic Park. They had their photos taken by the Velodrome, The Orbit , The Copperbox and West Ham Football Stadium. We look forward to more of these visits in the future.


November Netball Matches

Redbridge Primary played two matches in the
Junior Netball League at Redbridge Sports Centre. They are a newly formed team which consists of year 5 & 6 girls. They have been training regularly on a Monday evening after school and were quite nervous in the weeks leading up to the start of the league.  Our year 6 girls played last season and have been helping to train our new year 5 team members.  They played brilliantly with some
excellent attacking and defending which led to us winning our first match against Roding Primary 5 – 0. The second match was against a more experienced team from St Josephs which ended in a loss but not without putting 100% effort into the game. Nikita from year 6 was awarded player of the match by the opposition. Miss Cornwall and Miss Cooper are two
extremely proud coaches. A big thank you to all of our supporters who turned up to watch the match.


Children's Day 20th November 2017

United Nations Universal Children’s Day was established in 1954 and was celebrated on November 20th each year to promote international togetherness, awareness among children worldwide, and improving children's welfare. November 20th is an important date as it is the date in 1959 when the UN General Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child. It is also the date in 1989 when the UN General assembly adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

We celebrated Children’s Day this month at Redbridge Primary school, with children taking over some of our lessons and delivering the lessons themselves. More to follow in next fortnight’s newsletter. Thank you to our parents for supporting the day and children for wearing bright colours and to Mrs Azigbo and our Rights Respecting Steering Group for their efforts!


Author Visit Mo O'Hara

On Monday 20th November, we were very fortunate to have the children's author Mo O'Hara visit us. She lead an assembly for Key stage 2 where she discussed what inspired her to pursue a career in acting and writing. Later in the day she carried out workshops for Key stage 1 pupils and Year 6. It was very amusing watching the children making fishy faces! Pupils and staff were very excited to have the opportunity to work with her.  At the end of the day, families were given the opportunity to buy her books and even have them signed!  This was all thanks to Louis and his mum who won an author visit as part of an auction. Louis chose our school to host the author and what a joy it was.

We hope all our pupils enjoyed her visit and have been inspired to write their own stories!


Tag Rugby Competition at Wanstead Rugby Club

Ten children from Redbridge Primary attended Wanstead Rugby Club on Wednesday to take part in a Tag Rugby competition against other schools in the borough.


The team performed really well with only one loss which took them into the semi-final. This is where their journey ended.

The children had a fantastic time, showing excellent team spirit, resilience and determination. Well done everyone for a fantastic day and thanks to Miss Cornwall and Mr Luxmoore for coaching them through the afternoon!

School Dinners

The new school dinner menu and online ordering system are proving to be very popular. The first few days were a learning experience for ISS Catering, and we have requested some menu changes to be made.
The children asked for an alternative to the last week’s chicken and sweetcorn pie so it will be replaced with a puff pastry-topped chicken and leek pie from 5th December. This still fits in with both School Food Plan and Silver Food for Life standards.  

Alisha from Ospreys class likes our new online ordering system. “I’m enjoying it a lot more because we can see what is on the menu before we go to lunch!”

Digital Brain - DB Logins

By now, your children should have received their DB logins. There are many great educational games which can be accessed on DB from home. To get on to DB, go to the Redbridge
Primary homepage and log in using the DB icon at the bottom of the screen. On your child’s homepage, there is a section called “activities” where they can access a range of different
interactive resources. Please let Miss Jordan know if there are any difficulties with your DB log in.
Please ensure that all Acceptable Use Agreements have been submitted to the school by 1st
December which were sent out through parent emails in October. If you need a paper copy, please request it from your child's class teacher. Thank you.

PQSM Gold 2017

Primary Quality Science Mark

We have had some fantastic news over half term. It has finally been confirmed that Redbridge Primary School has been awarded the Primary Quality Science Mark! It is the only national award scheme to develop and celebrate the quality of science teaching and learning in primary schools. Schools achieve a PSQM award through a year-long process of initial audit, followed by action and reflection. Mr Cordes has been responsible for leading the award submission, supported by Miss Fardus. Thank you to them both for their incredibly hard work. 

Staff Training Update

Staff at Redbridge Primary School have been very busy so far this year with a wide range of professional development opportunities, both internal and external. Our weekly staff INSETs have included sessions on safeguarding, phonics, history, art and language development and are delivered by internal staff and external providers.

All professional development is centred our school learning plan priorities. This week, author/illustrator Jessica Spanyol delivered a training session on inclusion in art and writing and challenging gender stereotypes.
Staff members really benefited from the hands-on session with practical tips which they can apply in class. They are a very talented bunch!

Year 3 River Thames Walk Trip

Year 3 have thoroughly enjoyed our trip to see The River Thames.  We visited some famous landmarks and travelled along the Thames by boat. A big thank you to Philippa and Margaret, our tour guides who have been organising such visits for over 5 years and always have such wonderful things to say about our amazing children. Thank you to our parent volunteers and the children themselves for a fantastic day out.


string quartet

String Quartet Assemblies

On Wednesday 1st November, KS1 and KS2 were extremely lucky to experience a music recital by the Redbridge Music Centre. We were very pleased at how knowledgeable and enthusiastic children were– we even had a couple of conductors to help out! We look forward to hearing Victor from Y6 play the piano before assemblies next week.

Miss Kaur Visits China!

During the half term holiday I had the opportunity to visit China through a global network which the school is currently developing links with. The trip was fully funded by the network and the purpose was to observe and offer feedback on the way English is taught in this country. I visited different schools in Shanghai, Weifang and Shandong and met with different headteachers and leaders to share information about our school.

I had a memorable trip as I met some wonderful children in different schools, visited temples and tasted the local cuisine!


Year 6 Visit to Elderberries Day Centre

15 children in Year 6 have been involved with an
on-going project with Elderberries Day Centre. The aim of this project is to build community cohesion and bridge connections between older and younger members of the community. The children have been involved in sharing stories and choreographing a dance performance.
We are very proud of how enthusiastic and caring our children have been throughout this project.  Thanks to Mr Bergmann for organising it.

Happy Talk Parent Workshop

Thank you to those parents who attended our 'Happy Talk' parent workshop and coffee morning on Friday the 3rd November. It was a huge success and feedback was very positive. It was wonderful to witness the interaction between our families. We look forward to more happy talk in the future!


Feathered Friend

We made a new friend this week! A small bird was found alone in our nursery and it refused to fly away with its friends. Mrs Sandhu took very good care of it in the office and the RSPCA came to take it away to a comfortable home. In the meantime, Rayhan from Woodpeckers named it 'Happy Feet!'

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