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September 2017

Air Action Project Continues!

The JTA (Junior Travel Ambassadors) have been putting up diffusion tubes around the school to test the air around the area. The JTAs have been investigating how much nitrogen dioxide came have come out of cars around the school over the past two weeks. While we were taking the diffusion tubes down, the JTA did a swipe test to see how much ‘particulate matter’ there was. We had to measure where about we would swipe the area. We had to measure it because, if we didn’t, it would not be a fair test. We  measured against  centimetre marks (100cm, 75cm, 50cm). Some o f the poles were very dirty. We will be investigating further and will report back soon!


Question: Did we have to measure all the same heights on each diffusion tube, and why?


By Sadiyah and Samia Ospreys (y5)

Spanish Day!

On 22nd September, across the whole school, we celebrated Spanish Day.

We studied Spain’s art, music, dance and language. The children really enjoyed learning some Spanish dance moves in the hall, creating some art work in the style of different Spanish Artists and singing Spanish songs. Many thanks to Mr Amaya, Mrs Marriott and the staff for an enjoyable day!


Reception Photos

Being the start of a new school year the local Guardian Series of newspapers is once again running the popular My First Term photo supplement for the new starters in your Reception Classes.

This years planned publication date is Thursday October the 19th and the supplement will be in the Waltham Forest, Wanstead and Woodford, Chingford and the Epping Forest editions of the Guardian newspaper as well as the guardian-series.co.uk website.

The photographer will be coming into school on October the 9th to take photos of our lovely children.


World's Largest Lesson

So far this term we took part in the World’s Largest Lesson. During assembly in the week beginning 18th of September, children were re-introduced to the global goals for sustainable development. There are 17 goals in total but our focus this year is Goal 2 – Zero hunger.


Air Action Project

On Wednesday 20th September,  former BBC weather presenter Helen Young visited our school to talk about a special project we will be doing with Redbridge Council.  This project will involve investigating different  ways that we can reduce pollution around the school.



School Garden at Harvest Time

As harvest approaches we will see further changes to our school garden. Over the past year, our gardener Hilary and children across the school have worked wonders to improve it.  Year 2 planted bulbs at the front of the school., reception children visited the garden and talked about growing food. They tipped out a bag of new potatoes and took what they found back to class and scrubbed, cooked and ate them. 

Year 3 used to garden to learn how to name flower parts using flowers picked from the quad. Our small gardening club has allowed the children to develop a wide range of school and they recently provided our school kitchen with home-grown vegetables to prepare school meals. We look forward to seeing the garden grow and develop this year! Thank you to Hilary and our gardeners for their dedication.


Flower bed 2016

The allotment before (2016)

Allotment 2017

The allotment now!

Communication with Parents

We currently use fortnightly newsletters, our website, text messaging, one to one meetings, teachers and senior staff on the school gates, parent teacher consultations, email and phones to keep everyone informed and to ensure the channels of communication are as accessible to all as possible. Please let us know if there are any improvements to this so that we can make sure that everyone’s voice is heard.

Year 6 Pupil Advocates

Our new Year 6 advocates have had a fabulous start to the year. We spoke to some advocates  to find out what their duties have been so far:

“We have enjoyed office duty, where we laminate and answer phone calls.” - Krishnavi, Nabiha and Victor (Eagles)

“We have been monitoring corridors and the dining hall.” -Tiana and Samiha (Kestrels)


Welcome message

Dear Parents and Carers,

We would like to extend a warm welcome back to you all at the beginning of another academic year, particularly to those children who are joining us for the first time. We hope you have had a restful Summer and are feeling refreshed. It has been a very busy Summer at Redbridge Primary School, with redecoration taking place in the KS1 building and a new Early Years outdoor play area being installed.

Welcome to our three new members of the staff: Miss Heer (Year 2 teacher), Mrs Saunders (Year 4 teacher) and Mrs Chowdhury (PPA cover teacher). On behalf of all Redbridge Primary School staff, we wish you all a very successful year.
Mr Vis & Mr Henry

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