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Year 6 France Residential June 2017


Day 3: Thursday

Tyne Cot Military Cemetery, by Marvin

This morning, we went to the Tyne Cot cemetery in Belgium, which is the largest Commonwealth military cemetery in the world. During our visit, we saw the graves of the many people who passed away during World War I. It was an amazing experience and we got to see how it would feel to be in the shoes of the people who fought bravely during WWI.

Passchendale Museum

We had lunch at the Passchendale Museum, followed by a tour of the grounds. This included a replica of an underground dugout and a series of recreated trenches. It was a very interesting experience!

"Redbridge Primary School gives thanks and recognition to those who have fallen for us. Here lay the fallen soldiers who fought and strived for our future. God rest ye"
by Nusrat and Samir

Menin Gate, Ypres

We ended our day out in Belgium with the last post ceremony at the Menin Gate. This is a famous British War Memorial from WWI and the names of 54,896 missing soldiers are engraved on its walls. It was a moving experience. Nusrat and Samir were chosen by the teachers for their excellent behaviour this week, to present a wreath on behalf of Redbridge Primary School. This was a great honour for them and they wrote some moving words on the wreath.

Day 2: Wednesday

Rollercoaster Ride, by Adiy and Humza

"In the afternoon, we visited the theme park. Some of us went on the scary rollercoaster. We felt very nervous when we were in the queue (argh!) but when we finally sat in, there was no turning back! We were brave and they started the ride. It took a couple of minutes but it was still the scariest thing we have ever been on!"

La Coupole WWII Bunker

First thing this morning we visited La Coupole, a bunker built by the Germans in WWII in order to launch missiles to attack Britain. We had an interesting time there, watching video clips and looking at artefacts. Our groups were very well behaved and respectful. Nilani and Shaniya said that it was an fascinating experience and interesting to see how deep the tunnels were.

By Harshil and Zia
In the evening, we walked to the beach next to the hotel and played for an hour. Once we

Evening on the Beach

Day 1: Tuesday

Our journey

We had a fantastic first day, with an early departure from school at 8:30 and some sad goodbyes to our parents! We arrived at the Eurotunnel in plenty of time and the journey to France was shorter than expected. It was incredibly warm on the coach as we had to turn off the aircon! Luckily Miss Walker's music kept our spirits high.

Snail Farm

Our first stop was the snail farm, Les Escargot du Bocage. Here we heard the story of snail farming, had an interesting talk by the owner of the farm and got to see the snails in their tunnels.


Finally we got to eat the snails in garlic, along with some homemade jam from the farm. We then made our way to Dunkirk where we ate our evening meal at the hotel, had some fun on the beach and settled down for the night. Lots more to come tomorrow!

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