Tiny Tots Toddler Group


Tiny Tots Toddler Group is a Redbridge Primary School hosted, Parent-led, Toddler group where parents and toddlers get to interact and connect with other children in the same age range.
This is also a great opportunity for parents to talk and share insights and advice.

Our Story

Since COVID, there was fewer opportunities for parents and children to interact with others which we believe is a critical aspect to learning and child development. to address this we at Redbridge Primary School wanted to support local parents by hosting a Tiny Tots Toddler Group. 

The Tiny Tots Toddler Group is Parent led, creating a fun and safe atmosphere for parents to socialize, advise and share tips and tricks.


“We Believe the first 5 years have so much to do with how the next 80 years turn out”

Helping Your Child Explore, Grow, & Learn

The key skills children gain from Tiny Tots are;

Communication skills and Social Skills from interacting with both adults and children’s from outside their familiar face

Managing feelings and behavior from learning to share and play together with others

Personal development from independent work and play within a control environment

Physical development from activities ranging from puzzle solving to outdoor exploratory play

These skills and more are vital and are linked the prime areas of the EYFS curriculum.

When? Where?? How Much???


We try to host the Tiny Tots Toddler Group at least every Friday from 9am – 11am
To find out when our next session is please see the timetable so you don’t miss out!


The Tiny Tots Toddler Group is located within the Children’s Centre located near the South Entrance

How Much???

As this is hosted by Redbridge Primary School,
We request a small donation of £1.50 per session to help provide Tea and Snacks for attendees
We would be extremely grateful if you wish to donate more and we are very accommodating if you wish to donate a little less.
All funds go towards improving the Toddler Group 

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