Our Plan For Rebuilding, Re-connecting and Resilience

As children begin returning to school, we have thought about the approach to the curriculum and learning that we are taking as a school. The aim of this approach is to support children’s well-being as they begin their re-engagement with learning at school. Redbridge Primary School have put the child’s well-being at the centre of our thinking. We acknowledge that the children will have had different experiences during this time. However, the common thread running through all is the loss of routine, structure, friendship, opportunity and freedom. These losses can trigger anxiety in any child. We know that an anxious child is not in a place to learn effectively. So with this in mind, the school community has thought about the most effective way to support children’s ability to learn. This approach will encompass and support the academic expectations for all children.

What is it?

Professor Barry Carpenter has developed the Recovery Curriculum, as a response to the losses described above. We have based our CALM curriculum on these key principles but we view it as more of a ‘rebuilding’ rather than a ‘recovery’. We will use this as a way to help children come back into school life whilst acknowledging the experiences the children have had. We want children to be happy, feel safe and able to be engaged in their learning.

View or download the full pdf for our CALM curriculum on the link below:

The CALM Curriculum

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