Curriculum Intent

Please see below our Curriculum intent

Calculation Policy

This is the calculation policy for Redbridge Primary School, it has been updated to reflect the changes in the new national curriculum in 2014. If you would like to discuss any strategies and methods in this policy, please see your class teacher who will happy to go through these with you.

Design and Technology


Design Education has really flourished at Redbridge Primary School. Our vision is to provide children with outstanding design education and improve their design skills. We believe the children can become competent designers of the future. Our school has embarked on a journey to provide outstanding design education. We have developed children’s designs skills through many innovative activities, school trips and specialist design consultants. The subject has developed and the profile has been raised by all stakeholders, showing our commitment to this important subject. We believe in order for children to become successful designers, they should be able to gain the necessary technical knowledge. They should then be able to design, make and evaluate their products. Our commitment is also for them to look at existing products and test them. We value the importance of designers in our everyday life and we encourage children to look at their work for inspiration.

Design education has benefitted children, as they are constantly reflecting and questioning, which leads to appropriate action to enhance their design skills. This enables the end products that children produce to be refined and of high quality.

The profile of Design and Technology has been raised by the commitment of all stakeholders. Our vision for the future is that we aim to become a beacon of good practice and share our expertise with other schools. Throughout the year children, teachers and parents have been engaging in design related activities. Here are some selection of photos which show the motivation and enthusiasm of all stakeholders.


Phonics Scheme

At Redbridge Primary School we use the Department for Education Letters and Sounds guidelines to phonics.

Click on the links below for the phonics workshop presentation slides delivered in Autumn by Mrs Khaleeq

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