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Please see below our Curriculum Intent.


Our Curriculum Intent for Each Curriculum Area



At Redbridge Primary School, our children are provided with a wealth of exciting opportunities to read widely by having access to a range of appropriate and diverse texts. By the end of year six, our children will have experienced a breadth of reading experiences to draw from.

Our vision is to help children develop a love of reading by creating a reading for pleasure culture at Redbridge Primary School. Reading improves children’s concentration, vocabulary and language skills which help to develop imagination and empathy. Perhaps most importantly, it teaches children about the world around them. Children who read widely are able to learn about people, places and events outside of their own experiences.


Our vision for writing is that children are able to write for an audience and with a purpose. We want children to be able to draw on what they have read as readers and incorporate this into their writing, having the opportunity to practise the crafting processes writers use and, over time, are given the agency to develop their own preferred drafting and editing process so they can write from a position of strength.

We inspire them to become confident writers who are willing to take risks within their compositions and who will confidently perform their pieces out loud for an audience.


Our vision for our Mathematics curriculum is that it is accessible to all and will maximise the development of every child’s ability and academic achievement. We deliver lessons that are creative and engaging. We want children to make rich connections across mathematical ideas to develop fluency, mathematical reasoning and competence in solving increasingly sophisticated problems.


We inspire children’s curiosity through engaging lessons that stimulate them to ask questions and carry out investigations to explore their world. We encourage children to develop their knowledge and understanding through practical exploration both within the classroom and where relevant, outdoors into nature. Cross curricular links are made regularly with maths, computing and English.


We believe that Computing is an integral part of preparing children to live in a world where technology is continuously and rapidly evolving. Our aim within our Computing curriculum is to ensure that children develop the essential skills, knowledge and understanding needed for our rapidly changing digital world, where technology may be used for both education and leisure purposes. Our computing curriculum develops pupils’ communication skills by learning how to keep themselves safe online through being able to recognise both the opportunities and threats posed.


Music inspires creativity and develops essential skills for developing confidence and self-expression. We therefore aim to provide a wide range of musical experiences for all through our music curriculum and extra-curricular opportunities.


Our vision is for children to experience drama so they can make connections between the imaginative life and the real world, to organise and express ideas, feelings and experiences in dramatic form.  This in turn will promote empowering and empathetic skills and help children make sense of the world in which we live.


Art embodies some of the highest forms of human creativity and the vision for our Art curriculum is to inspire, engage and challenge children by equipping them with the knowledge and skills to experiment, invest and create their own works of art!

As children progress throughout the school, they gain opportunities to think critically and develop and develop an understanding of their own and others’ cultural heritage through studying a diverse range of male and female artists.

Design and Technology

Our Design Technology curriculum allows children to be creative, inventive and to explore and create based on the world around them. Our teachers encourage children to learn in an iterative manner; constantly questioning, changing and refining their ideas on the route to their final product.


Our aim is that children have the skills they need to grow as individuals who are physically and emotionally healthy, and who can make informed decisions about their lives. We help children to see how they relate to others in order to build and maintain positive relationships.

Religious Education

Our vision for RE is for children to understand themselves within the context of a diverse society, so that they are equipped to be responsible and active citizens with the confidence to engage with peers whose background is different from their own. We encourage children to respect and develop an open-mind towards different faiths and beliefs.


Our vision is for the Geography curriculum to equip children to become insightful and responsible global citizens. At Redbridge Primary school, our children bring a wealth of cultural heritage that is explored and celebrated through various theme days such as the International Dress-up Day. This enables children to become aware of their identity within the local community as well as where they lie in the global community. The Geography curriculum aims to develop children’s cultural capital children by offering them experiences that ordinarily they might not have access to. We do so by helping them to explore the world from the classroom using high quality teaching and to bring distant places within touching distance.


Our vision at Redbridge Primary School is that history comes alive in any way that we can make it happen. We believe the teaching of History inspires children’s curiosity about the past. At school, children will work as historians to investigate sources such as pictures, stories, writing and artefacts to ask and answer questions about the past and then consider how the past impacts the world we live in today.

Curriculum Diversity

Diversity is important in learning which is why at Redbridge Primary School we strive to ensure every voice is heard. This is reflected in our teaching and learning. for more information about our Curriculum Diversity please click the link below

Click here to see our Curriculum Diversity

Curriculum Values

At Redbridge Primary School we hold 6 core values:

  1. Resilience
  2. Honesty
  3. Respect
  4. Positivity
  5. Friendship
  6. Kindness

This is ingrained into our teaching and learning.

Click here to see our Curriculum values

Click here to see our Curriculum Policy

Curriculum Map

At Redbridge Primary School, we understand that all students learn at their own pace, and to give all students the tools to help, is to let them know what topics are being covered throughout the school year. to see what topics are being covered across the year groups please click the below link.

Click here to see our Curriculum Map

Phonics Scheme

At Redbridge Primary School we use essential letters and sounds.


Essential Letters & Sounds


Our Phonics Policy

For more information or resources for phonics please visit our phonics page by clicking below.

Phonics Resources

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